Saturday, October 10, 2009

Choosing The Right University Will Help Your Recruitment Potential

Once you are at the stage of applying for university places think about what area of your study you have been most keen on or excelled in, this is not always a clear cut decision as a lot of students still don't really know what they want to do in the future or what degree will get them there. It cant harm to create a list in these circumstances and writing down the subjects you have enjoyed most from your academic career do far and adding in things you enjoy outside of study, for example sport or music. This way you should come up with a list of skills and subjects that interest you then you can match them to courses at universities to find one to suit you.

When you decide to apply for university begin by looking online for universities that offer courses in the area of study that you are interested then take some time to look around their website and apply to have their prospectus sent to you these things will help you to get a feel for what the university can offer and how they teach their subject and what the local area is like for off campus activities. It is worth researching thoroughly at this stage as this decision can affect your future career prospects. If you know someone at a particular university ask for their views on the university. At this stage try not to just follow the crowd, your friends may be going to a certain university, but make sure that it ticks all your boxes as although social life is important in university you meet loads of new people wherever you go.

League tables
When applying it is worth checking out the university league tables, these do vary year on year and some are certainly better performers than others both in course content and status. Cambridge and oxford will consistently be in the top UK universities league tables and are certainly recognised both in academic and general society as good universities. But they are not always accessible to all, both in terms of achieving the right grades and being able to afford the fees. Use the league table as a guide to check out the universities that perform best in your chosen area of study.

Accepting the right place
Once you have applied and nervously awaited responses from your carefully chosen universities, it is worth remembering it is possible to be accepted by all the universities you applied to. At this point you can re visit the information you already know about the universities and also it is worth noting that some universities are looked upon more favourably than others by recruiters once you have finished your degree roughly 65% of employers target universities based on their reputation for providing quality courses and the reputation the institute has in the employers specific area. Even when it comes to the application process some university qualifications could be seen as producing a better grade of candidate. Some university degrees can lead to higher earnings in the future too.

Scholarships can be an added boost to those who have the academic capabilities but not the funds to attend universities of their choice such as Cambridge and oxford. Obtaining a scholarship could greatly enhance your career prospects in terms of employability and earnings.

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