Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to Effectively Prevent the Computer Radiation

With the development of society, computers gradually play a very important role in our daily life. So how to effectively prevent the computer radiation becomes a hot topic. Nine tips are introduced in the following article.

Put a cactus on your computer desk, which can effectively prevent the computer radiation.

If you are busy, the simplest way to prevent the computer radiation is to drink two or three cups of green tea and eat an orange every morning. Green tea contains rich vitamin original A, which could turn into vitamin A after being absorbed by our body. Through drinking green tea, computer radiation can be prevented as well as eyesight can be protected. Besides, chrysanthemum tea and sea buckthorn oil have the same function as green tea.

There are a lot of electromagnetic radiation particles on your face if you use computer for a long time. Washing your face in time, to a certain extent, also can reduce the computer radiation.

Put color filter plate, special for computer, on the monitor and don't put other metal items indoors, which may result in the re-emission of electromagnetic waves. When use computer, the brightness of the screen should be adjusted. In general, the brighter the screen is, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation. But it is easy to cause eye fatigue if the screen is too dim.

Try to use new computer as far as possible. In the conditions of the same distance and type, the radiation of old computer is commonly one or two times than the new one.

Put the computer in the correct position. Remember that try not to let someone back toward the screen. The radiation from computer back is stronger than the two sides. The best distance between a man and a computer is at least 50 to 75 centimeters.

Eat foods which contain luxuriant vitamin A, vitamin C and protein. Carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, meat and livers of animals may be your choice.

We must pay attention to the air seasoning and the indoor health. Scientific research shows that a material called Brominated Dibenzofurans is released by computer screens, which is harmful to people's health. So it is important to install ventilated equipment in the room.

In order to eliminate the eye fatigue, it is necessary to put some bananas on the desk, which can make excess salt expel from our body to relieve the eye fatigue because of potassium contained in bananas.

Article by: Manu Wallace

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