Monday, June 6, 2011

Apple Store installed Giant Windows Logo

Apple has been synonymous with corporate logos that use apples that have been bitten. However, an anomaly occurred in the middle of the Apple store waiting for the opening, the Windows logo mounted on the wall of the store. What the...?

No half-hearted, quoted from Cnet News, Monday (06/06/2011), the Windows logo that is placed fairly huge and just taped on the wall of the Apple store building located in Hamburg, Germany, last weekend.

So who put the logo? Reportedly still not clear. But in a video recording nyeleneh action, the actors act like a construction worker.

When it comes to location, complete uniforms, with their fast immediately issued a number of equipment as well as blocking some access roads for them freely to 'work'.

But strangely, instead of the apple image kroak posted in the Apple Store is being renovated, even large Windows logo that is attached to the upper walls of the building.

It did not take long for the actors who numbered no more than five people to complete the mission. Passers were no aware of this oddity. Until finally there was a woman who was intrigued and perpetuate the action 'expansion' Windows at the Apple store.

Whether it was in a hurry or was intentional. But certainly, the Windows logo that was posted was a little wrong color sequence. As is known, the Windows logo has the composition of orange, blue, green, and yellow. Well, the wrong placement sequence occurs in blue and green.

But indeed, at first glance that the error was not too prominent. Because, without being told people have a lot to know if it is the Windows logo.

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