Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rugged Laptops-What is So Different About These Notebooks

If you've ever been on an airplane with unexpected turbulence you realize how easily a beverage can spill on your very expensive notebook laptop. Moisture presents a real problem for all mainstream laptop users. This is one of many issues that top field professionals deal with on an average day. Rugged Notebook Laptops that have emerged over the years have came a long way in their ability to deal extraordinary environmental hazards. In this article we will discuss what in fact is so different about these Notebook Computers that allows them to be able to withstand conditions that would cripple most computers.

The keyboard still remains one of the most vulnerable spots of a standard mainstream notebook. What is different about industrial laptop keyboards is they are generally all spill resistant or waterproof to a certain extent. Generally keyboards are sealed and can withstand spills up to 6 ounces. Premium rugged notebook laptops have the ability to withstand intense rain with high winds up to 70 miles per hour. Some laptop notebooks can even withstand being put directly in a shower for hours. However being submerged in water is still something that to date cannot be accomplished without ruining a computer. Rain thankfully is something that has been solved for many middle of the road rugged notebooks like the Dell XFR and the Panasonic Toughbook.

The external case is very different in ruggedized notebooks. These notebooks generally have a Alloy or Ballistic external case which is very rigid allowing for major drops. To further cushion these impacts usually most of the corners have major rubber edges to help reduce large shocks from a damaging impacts. Generally most of these laptops can withstand a minimum of a three foot drop with some rated to withstand up to a six foot drop. Other major differences would include special overlay panels which help to seal the laptop screen from dust and moisture. Custom certification requests that can also be honored are pressure resistance, humidity resistance, vibration resistance as well as Electromagnetic influences.

One aspect that many people run into is the fact that these portable rugged notebooks are so extremely expensive. Many people in fact need them but with the struggling economy just cannot seem to afford them. Top experts have been weighing in on the matter and stating that refurbished notebooks are indeed the route to go. It's not uncommon to see the price reduced a substantial amount but more importantly the warranty supplied is as good as a new computer. This essentially removes all past risk and makes it a real option to finally consider.

About the Author: Max Groh
Mr. Groh has been a top technician for years. Having serviced many laptops and notebooks from jobsites he has a unique insight. For further insight from an industry insider be sure to check out his latest post on finding a waterproof laptop as well as great info on panasonic toughbooks.

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