Thursday, June 2, 2011

Samsung N120

The Samsung N120 is the latest entry in the enterprise market 10-inch netbook. The N120 has typical netbook specifications, but is distinguished by attractive design, light weight and long battery life. Read on for our opinion.
All netbooks in general the same requirements as the design is everything when it comes to selling netbooks. N120 Samsung engineers did a great job - it is a visually attractive netbook I've seen so far. N120 comes out well from any angle.

Our N120 is white and is made of sturdy plastic with a high quality feel. N120 All surfaces except the monitor, the hinged lid and side panels have a matte finish with a light texture. The N120 is comfortable to hold, and I always found myself taking from room to room.

N120 cover is a thin but strong. There is little ripples side-by-flex and appear when you put pressure on the back. On top of the cover is slightly curved and rounded edges that are smooth, without sharp edges where the seams. On both sides of the display is N120s stereo speakers and the camera is built on top. The lid is attached to the bottom of the netbook, with two chrome-finished zippers. Bottom of the screen actually turns the battery underneath the opening, which not only adds style, but the N120 allows you to keep a low profile.

The bottom of the N120 is also sturdy and quality feel. It is hardly bend under pressure and seems to be quite durable (time will tell). The keyboard 97% full size meets most of the goods as required and touchpad spans more vertical space under the keyboard. There are no physical buttons on the N120, with the exception of the switch, which is actually on the side of the machine near the right hinge.

The N120 has a 10.1 inch widescreen (16:9) with a 1024x600 resolution and LED backlight. Contrast and brightness are excellent, which is probably a pretty picture. I've seen better color depth, but the N120 screen is not something that I complain.The LED backlight to provide a breakdown of the same brightness. The N120 has eight levels of brightness, I think each one to be used, with 5 or 6 is the most comfortable and 3 being a good battery.

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