Thursday, June 2, 2011

Talk About my Experience Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad

After Apple iPad2 and Samsung GALAXY 10.1/8.9 being released , taking into account these two main products as the previous generation prices diving with release of the new machine, it still has practical significance for not a rich user.

I start iPad has been a long time, while Samsung GALAXY Tab (P1000) is just starting recently. However, even I has been used Samsung android phones for some time before, after getting Samsung GALAXY Tab, I did not have much strangeness. Of course, I must admit that I am not professional testers in this respect , so the following content is purely personal opinion, any deviation, please android fans understanding.

My personal favorite iPad several advantages that: 1, the use of smooth, whether it is online, playing games, watching a movie and book is very smooth. I can not imagine what is coming the degree of iPad2, iPad1 to fast enough; 2, the screen display is good, although color saturation not as good as Samsung GALAXY Tab (bright), it's more true and accurate significantly, and I often use to view it as a base color of my photos; 3, electricity extremely tough, the real deal 10 hours battery life.

However, 7-inch Samsung GALAXY Tab is simply tailor-made for me. Because I want is: a device can access the Internet anytime, anywhere, can run all major networks, social, office, reading and entertainment software, the volume and weight must be lighter than the iPad, of course, experience in the operation also can not have too great.

I first didn't consider android system tablet, mainly because I have heard much about the operating system's "ghost story." But eventually the big monkey (one of my friend) Made me change my views for the android system. So finally, encouraged by them, I joined the android ranks. First I was into the a mobile phone and soon replaced with a larger screen, higher resolution Samsung GALAXY Tab. For me, in terms of size or screen resolution Samsung GALAXY Tab can meet me requirements, which on the side it is necessary to portable , low-resolution or photo can not display and the color does not look good. I purchase and use of the iPad, a variety of software, most of them in several android market (including third-party market) to find the version of the same or similar functionality and can run smoothly.

In addition, there are users said that only android3.0 system to fight with iOS, it is also a misunderstanding. Android3.0 honeycomb is for high-resolution large-screen tablet. it is a parallel relationship rather than up and down currently android2.X system used in the smart phone, which means we can not say that android 3.0 should be than 2.3 advanced. But it is more suitable fills the big screen than the 2.x architecture.
In my view, 7-inch Samsung GALAXY Tab put more real emphasis on large mobile phone rather than a purely tablet. At least in the present circumstances, I think 7-inch android2.2 Samsung GALAXY Tab is very suitable on either speed or mode of operation. Perhaps 3.0 honycomb is more suitable for Samsung GALAXY Tab10.1 or 8.9 in the future.

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