Monday, June 6, 2011

Pre-order 'iSteve: The Book of Jobs' Start Opened

What kind of life journey Steve Jobs? Perhaps it can be revealed in a book titled 'iSteve: The Book of Jobs'. Curious what kind? Pre-order to get this book started to be opened.

Amazon is a retailer site that became one of the parties who peddle book biography of the founder of Apple. Although already opened its first booking, perhaps this book will be launched in March 2012.

Previously, Simon & Schuster publishing company has ensured that the former Time magazine executive, Walter Isaacson, will help Jobs in pouring strokes his story on a book.

Indeed, a book that explores the life of previous jobs have been many in the market. But the books were reportedly made without the direct approval Jobs. This new book is said to have received the blessing of the figure behind the success of the iPhone and iPad.

Then what price this iSteve book? Amazon will collect the initial payment of USD 19.80. Quoted from Apple Insider, Monday (06/06/2011), initial rates were equivalent to 34% the price of this biography of Steve Jobs. As for the digital version that runs on Kindle devices, pre-order price to be paid at $ 14.99.

Isaacson himself is said to have designed this book since 2009, and has been interviewed Jobs, family, colleagues as well as its competitors. Previous Isaacson also has written several bestselling books, among them the famous figures like Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

Jobs himself clear about his life very interesting book. In addition to the many fans of this man 56 years, Jobs pretty winding road of life. For example, about his health that forced several times absent Jobs lead Apple to perform maintenance.

"This book is a perfect combination of subject and author of books, and certainly would be a notable book about one of the greatest inventors in the world," said Jonathan Krap from Simon & Schuster, the publisher who would publish the book.

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