Thursday, June 2, 2011

Samsung R540

This model has a specification R540 entry-level notebooks to compete with a similar configuration can be done for $ 100 - $ 150 less online. The R540 is also available in high-end configuration with a Blu-ray low-end ATI Radeon graphics and a more powerful processor i5 $ 999.99 MSRP (a little on the pricey side).

R540 is a joint project, an attractive aluminum looking faux. Special features are minimal, R540 is not even up / down buttons. The notebook is made entirely of plastic, with the result that weighs only 5.29 kg. The suspension is the average thickness of 15.6 "notebook is approximately 1.4 inches. R540 is mostly covered with a glossy plastic, which stains quickly and are difficult to clean.

R540 to build quality is below average. The frame of our test booklet has been distorted, the laptop does not sit evenly on a flat surface. Plastic covering the top of the laptop flexes easily under a bit more pressure. In addition, the entire chassis down apparently hollow when pressure is applied on top of the notebook, which specifies the internal frame lacks strength. To complete the list if the chassis flexes easily when twisted by the corners, flex is bad because it allows circuit in Notepad to bend. printed circuit boards subjected to bending will not last that long.

The actions cover shoddy construction that folds easily when they are caught in the corners. Waves on the screen when pressure is applied behind the screen is not well protected. In general, even for a budget laptop R540 below expectations.

The highlight of the Samsung R540 is not the choice of HDMI is redundant. There are three USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, VGA and a SD card reader only. There is no ExpressCard slot and no eSATA or USB 3.0 ports with high-speed data connections. All descriptions of the image from left to right.

R540 is a full-size keyboard with separate numeric keypad. Form of the keys is interesting, went to the Samsung hybrid sample / chiclet execution-style, flat key tops, which are usually smaller than the base square. The keyboard is one of the best features of the R540, is surprisingly solid feel comfortable, although some optimistic comments. Most of the exhibits keyboard flex under normal pressure, the keypad is about because it is directly above the optical drive and has little to support it. The keyboard is a bit 'more difficult than recommended, the people around you know that you are writing. The keyboard layout is mostly standard, except that missing Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys. These omissions are quite alarming, someone to use these keys on a regular basis I feel lost without them.

ELAN touchpad is too small for a 15.6 "notebook. On the positive side has a smooth, non-glossy is easy to follow on the fingers as dry and wet. Touchpad supports some basic functions such as multi-touch" pinch " for zooming and scrolling with two fingers. The overall accuracy was good. tactile buttons have shallow feedback and are not at all good news. They also rattle, put a small piece of tape over the patches, but is by no means something and the end user having to mess around with. Detail oriented aspect of this laptop, could use some work.

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