Thursday, June 2, 2011

Samsung N110

Samsung N110 has a sleek design with a sleek black cover, edge and matte red accent interior. The look is elegant, the appropriate research for business users or even a parent for use in coffee.

Samsung does not go too far with the logo of the brand, with a simple chrome raised letter "Samsung" on the cover and painted white logo below the screen. Inside I think Samsung could have gone with the glossy black paint because it looks great on the outside deck. We may have had to deal with fingerprints and smudges, but it was incredible. Outside, we see that Samsung went with a set of extended support that adheres hunting something in the back, instead of sticking to the back. It does not stick in the long battery life in HP 2140, which is perfectly fine by me. An interesting and useful to think that Samsung thought when they designed the site

Build quality is above average, with a very strong and durable chassis. When closed the display cover has some minor flexibility, but it does not seem to affect the screen. Inside the palm rest and keyboard are super stiff, with almost no movement when you press down firmly. The screen hinges feel fairly strong, keeping the screen netbook travel safe and keep it in place once opened. The chassis has very little squeaks or creaks when thrown around, feeling like it should hold up well over time. They painted the top seem to resist scratches and scrapes more light that will keep its good look in the future.

Users who want to upgrade components, Samsung N110 only easy access to the RAM module. Hard disk drive and wireless card is placed inside, and panel for quick access to them. Although this configuration includes N110 160 GB hard drive with plenty of space, a common upgrade is to install a 7200 or SSD, which speeds up the computer. This would require the user to fully dismantle the netbook, which is much more complex than one or two screws on the panel.

LED-backlit glossy screen Samsung N110 is slightly above average, but it seems to be a super-saturated colors, as some other netbook panels. The Reds, in particular, stood out quite low, netbooks with glossy screens always seem to be a rich and vibrant. The pure black and also seemed to wash away, to appear dark gray level backlit. Outside the saturation display problems seemed pretty good. Vertical viewing angles were more than adequate, ranging from 20 forward or backward in the name display. Horizontal viewing angles were good out to about 50 degrees off center before we saw any wrong colors. backlight brightness on a scale from very easy to read in a dark room is bright enough to be considered in an office environment. readability in sunlight is likely to be only shadows and reflections on the screen irresistible, what is visible.

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