Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Solution to "I Hate My Job"

I just read a blog post titled, "Hate Your Job, But Just Can't Leave?"

It had a lot of great ideas for the person who hates his/her job yet doesn't have the time, energy or motivation to change. Plus, there is the catch 22 factor that says "I hate my job yet I need the money to pay my bills so I can't quit."

First, the article talks about a person who is working 80 hours a week and just doesn't have time to look for a new job. Note, it is not wise to first quit your job, because of the money factor and because studies have shown it is easier to get a new job if you currently have a job.

The author continued discussing the fact that people who hate their job and are putting in lots of hours each week on the job also are drained of energy due to negativity and a poor attitude. Can you blame them?

Of course, there is a solution for the person who hates their job. The author suggests cutting down your hours. My take on this is if you are spending 80 hours a week working on a job you hate you are doing many things wrong. No one should be spending 60-80 hours a week doing a job they hate. Life is too short.

For example, when you do a study of how you spend your time at your job, you will quickly discover that you are making poor use of your hours. By simply cutting down on wasting time, you can free up many hours. Make it a goal to spend no more than 45 hours each week at that dreaded job and still accomplish the same amount of work.

When you read the article, you will quickly notice the secret of keeping your sanity while continuing in your dreaded job. The secret is to find something you like and enjoy doing and do that to help relieve the stress of your job. Once you are finding more happiness in your life, you will be better able to concentrate on your job search.

Another important factor that keeps people in a job they hate is the money aspect. They feel they need the job to pay their bills. Do a study of where your money goes. Then work out a program to reduce your spending by 33%. Several things will be accomplished when you do this:

1. You will realize that you have been spending money on non-happy generating things, things you seldom use.
2. You will have more money to use on the things that do make you happy.
3. You will not need a job that pays "Y" when you only need "X" to have a good life. So, you can widen your job search.

Unfortunately, it may take some time to locate a job you will enjoy, a job that gives you satisfaction. Therefore, you might want to consider this option. Consider the thing that you chose that makes you happy when not at work

It just may be that you can turn that into a money-making part-time business. That way you will have some extra spending money and as a business owner, you will be able to gain many tax benefits that you are currently missing. This means you can take home more money in your paycheck.

Isn't it time you turned the things you enjoy doing for fun into a business that may even provide enough income so that you don't need to find a new job. If you are thinking that's not possible, who would want to pay for what I enjoy doing for free, think again. There are ways. I know.

About the Author: Gary Gile
Mr. Gile is now retired from state service and works out of his home helping people start their own internet business working in areas that they love doing, things they are passionate about. Only when you do work that you love doing and then share your expertise or interest with others will you find both Happiness & Success


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