Monday, May 30, 2011

Mistakes in a Resume That Kill Your Candidacy

You would find a great many sources that aim to aid you in terms of how to write a hi-fi resume and what formats to apply to your resume to catch instant attention of the employers. However, while writing a resume, many of the candidates do not take care of several basic things that they should NOT be including in their resume. Such small and unimportant looking things in the eyes of the candidate carry full potential to murder the opportunity to get a job right at the desk of the employer.

If you ask a candidate about the things that you mustn't do while writing a resume, he will come up with very general answers. Such as, try to stay honest while providing information regarding your education and past employments, keep your resume brief and up to the point, do not forget to revise and proofread your resume before submitting it, etc. Of course, you can't deny the importance of such things. Mostly while proofreading his own resume, only if a candidate views it with the perspective of an employer, he would be able to know what his resume is lacking mainly. There exist more lethal mistakes that an individual should try his best to avoid if he wants to keep the chances of his candidacy alive.

The prime factor that is going to tick your resume off is not properly showing off your achievements and honors that you have received during your academic years, trainings or previous employments. Most candidates just jot down detailed information about their past employments that are of not much importance to the recruiters. For example telling your employer that you have studied particular courses during the college years. If you do not mention about how these subjects that you have studied can be put to practical life or how you will uplift the standards of the technicalities of this organization, then it's useless and of no concern to your employers. Connecting your education well with your profession would enable the recruiters to evaluate and examine your true potential.

One other thing that most the resume contain is the over use of the buzz words. There exist a few words that almost every resume has found to contain. It can be a mood killer for your employer as he is probably going to get a glance over very many resume like yours for the same job option. If such buzzwords are unavoidable, you can always take help from thesaurus. Do not repeat such words in your resume as it will surely decrease the interest of the recruiter in your job application after reading a typical resume. Your words should create an environment of uniqueness for your employer in order to bag his attention.

It is a common practice that candidates do not revise their resume before sending it to any organization. It is crucial to get informed about the company's genre and then customize your resume specifically according to the demands and requirements of the company. It may seem time consuming but it's after effects will surely amaze you.

Failing to avoid such kind of mistakes is likely to lower the probability of getting a job even before your resume gets to the manager's desk. You may be qualified enough for the required job but if your resume is unable to impress the recruiters, you are likely to stay jobless in the years that follow.

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