Monday, May 30, 2011

Professional Resume and Recruiters

There exist a very hundreds of articles, guide books and blogs about how a candidate should plan to go out of job hunting and shaping up his career. Those documents always view the very matter with perspective of a candidate who is hunting for a job. You will find this article slightly different from those as it will present to you what a recruiter has in mind when he's reviewing very many job applications every single day.

As an employer or hiring agent, uncountable number of resume and job application letters reach manager's desk. Every manager or recruiter spends some dedicated amount of time in reviewing all the resume and applications so that he may get a chance to catch the right kind of candidate. However, it is understandable that a recruiter would have to examine the qualifications of the candidate mentioned in the resume. It is true that many right candidates do not get the jobs they actually deserve just because their resumes do not portray their true potential. Candidates who are not that capable or deserve the very job are able to grab it on the basis of their resume. That's how companies roll. They are going to judge you from the document that you are sending to them to represent you and your skills.

According to the recruiters, candidates are always found blaming on the employment and recruiting system that most companies own. In such a tight job market, candidates should be given a little space and margin to show their worth. Their qualifications and skills do worth a chance. However, most companies refrain from doing it and demand a very experienced and well skilled employee which is quite unfair to the young and emerging candidates.

However, candidates should also understand that the blame shouldn't be put solely on the recruiters or the companies. It is the responsibility of a candidate to at least present proper and officially correct document in order to get into the process of recruitment. Most candidates do not take things seriously and then complain later. For starters, if you have a look at their resume, you can easily notice the common silly mistakes and absurd formats that each one of it follows. You would also find misinformation very commonly in almost every resume. Some of these mistakes can be extremely annoying and vexing for the recruiters. I'm not talking about young and inexperienced candidates. Many well experienced candidates who are there in the job market for years are found to have shaky resumes. They seem to be lost when it comes to resume writing rules. They create their own rules and follow them proudly. Good companies with strict ethics and rules do not tolerate such type of non-serious and casual behavior.

You would find all the recruiters and employers advocating the point that that a candidate should go through the process in an utter professional manner. How can a candidate expect to land a handsome job when he himself is behaving so childishly?

Making your recruiter happy does not involve rocket science. All it demands is a professional behavior and right kind of attitude. If you fail to follow the specifications and directions that your employer is expecting you to, how can assure them that you'd be able to understand and strictly follow the instructions after getting the job. Learn to make things less complicated for the recruiters and he will surely approach you to smooth out your life!

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