Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 Reasons Why I Went to Work at Home

Working from home is a dream for many people today. Work at home is one of the main things on people's minds, especially with the economy being what it is. In fact, the whole picture is bad, corporate image, expensive commute, those horrible little cubicles; you get the idea. They want legitimate jobs, something that can be done legally from the comfort of their home in a bedroom, or even on the kitchen table and I don't think that is too much to ask.

Do I have your attention? Want more? Good, because I am ready to tell you about why I am delighted to be working from one of our bedrooms in the back of the house. Both my wife and I spent 14 years in the corporate world, putting up with all the quirks that the environment can give.

Let's start with the commute and the frustration and expense. My wife and I worked different hours many times. That meant 2 cars on the road fort about 25 minutes each way. I know, we had it pretty good - by comparison that is.

Our neighbor and his wife had the same situation but they drove over 50 miles each way. Gas bills; repair for all that mileage, and the cost of insurance. Think of the tires alone! Think of the time investment for them - about an hour and 15 each way in light traffic for each of them. 2½ hours driving, hour for lunch each, and 8 hours behind the yoke. That's 20½ hours minimum, more if there was a problem with the commute, or overtime. I think you get the idea.

We wanted to control our own situation or destiny. We had almost no control of our lives while in the corporate world. I worked and average of 10 hours a day, and many times there was a Saturday tossed in for good measure, and all this overtime was free because I was monthly salaried.

Our dream of working from home has finally been realized, but it took until AFTER we retired before the opportunity came up. I have an article about why we decided to come out of retirement and another one telling how we did it.

Top 10 Reasons to work from home!!

1. Working from home gives the possibility of an income without a ceiling!

2. Get rid of that horrible commute expense. Bonus - The dress code and expensive lunches disappears as well!

3. Finally get paid for your efforts. Not a scale set for the average worker! You work; you get paid for it with no hidden costs, fines, or enforced penalties .

4. Do the job YOUR way and leverage you talents with your personal skills

5. Questions will come up - "I never see you go to work, what do you do?", or "are you retired?"

6. Build your home business with things that you are interested in.

7. No-one will be able to fire you. Copy the professionals and do what they do.

8. Set your own hours.

9. Take better care of your family - be with your kids more, ball games etc.

10. For me personally, age discrimination is non-existent. This is especially true, even for the "baby-boomer" generation.

The best advice I can give at this point is work to please others. Do what you can to help your neighbor, your family, your customer, your environment. Rewards will come.

Remember this: "When you help someone by rowing them across the river, you get there yourself". Make it your motto if you wish, but just REMEMBER it!

About the Author: Charles R Curtis
Roy is retired military as a radar controller, both Airborne and Ground. Spent 9 years as a Radio Announcer and retired from the corporate world after 14 years as an Information Analysist working with classified information for a computer chip manufacturer. Roy has a Degree in Interstate Commerce Commission law.

Sherry worked as an aircraft parts inventory specialist as a government employee, later as a scheduler and coordinator for a large flight school and retired from the corporate world as an administrative legal assistant for a very large computer chip manufacturer. Multiple courses in computer technology and applications.

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