Monday, May 30, 2011

Options for van insurance Northern Ireland

If you are interested in van insurance, Northern Ireland now has a fair selection of providers who will be able to give you a quote for their products.

However, just as there may be no such thing as a standard van, there may equally be no such thing as standard van insurance in Northern Ireland.

Vans are used as transport in a very wide range of activities, including, naming just a few;

• from mobile food outlets;
• delivery vehicles;
• transport for trades people and their tools and equipment,

The van insurance cover you may need for these and any other activity, may be very specific to that activity.

In addition, you may find that there are other terms and conditions attached to policies and again, these may typically vary depending on the provider.

So you may find, for example, that:

• some policies may restrict use of the van to business purposes only while others may allow you to use your van for personal travel as well;
• policies may not all offer cover for driving in Europe as standard;
• your policy may or may not cover you if you are driving someone else's vehicle.

You may also find that policies for van insurance in Northern Ireland may also provide varying levels of cover relating to features like:

• within what time scales is a replacement vehicle made available - some policies may guarantee replacement within 48 hours;
• is there a readily accessible claims service (either on line or via the phone);
• if your van is damaged and has to be repaired following an insured event, are these repairs guaranteed and for how long;
• is recovery of your van following an accident or breakdown included in your policy as standard;
• could discount on premiums be available if you agree to pay a higher excess?

Getting a few quotes from various insurance providers in Northern Ireland may typically be a sensible step before making any purchases and is now a whole lot easier than it used to be.

In the past, you could waste quite a bit of time getting quotes only to find that these were not applicable to Northern Ireland residents. These days though, there are a number of providers who are happy to offer their products here and who may also have easy to access internet sites.

Your quotes may be able to help you to find the most appropriate range of options for your van insurance in Northern Ireland and at a price that suit your pocket.

About the Author: Roger Jones
Roger Jones is a writer for Northern Ireland Insurance centre. Compare van insurance Northern Ireland - cheaper quotes are found online. We only show companies that quote for Northern Ireland.


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