Monday, May 30, 2011

How To Become Fiscally And Physically Fit

The problem of obesity has been front page news and the potato-chip eating public has noticed. More and more people are getting up off the couch and dusting off their gym memberships in an effort to lose weight, feel better and live longer. However, with this surge in physical activities has followed a rash of litigation against health clubs for injuries, harassment and failed expectations. That is why many clubs have chosen to take out sports club insurance to protect themselves against lawsuits and settlements.

Club insurance can start out for as little as 50 cents a day and offers many benefits to the trainers and owners against real and imagined legal situations. In any type of physical activity there are bound to be accidents. Whether it be a novice trainer who pushed a client a little too hard or an armchair quarterback who thinks he is in better shape than he actually is, injuries will occur. Properly maintained insurance will protect the owners against frivolous lawsuits by disgruntled patrons. It will also protect trainers who are qualified and have proper credentials.

The biggest asset of sports club insurance, however, may be the protection against sexual harassment. The mix of buff trainers who know they look good and female members and co-workers dressed in tights is sometimes not the best of circumstances. The shape and tone of bodies is the purpose of a good workout routine. Comments can be made. Parts of the body that are normally off-limits can be touched. Feelings of inferiority and violation can occur. This happens. Club insurance can protect the owners from real and imagined slights. Comprehensive sexual harassment classes may be required as a coverage stipulation, but the club will have recourse against baseless accusations.

Trainers and dance instructors can take out their own personal insurance as well. This gives them an added layer of protection against the same type of litigation the club may face. Since some trainers and teachers are simply working under contract, they may not be covered under the clubs policy. Perhaps they run a small gym or fitness program on the side and do not have the benefit of larger corporation coverage. Individual insurance can give them the same protection that the company has against the same charges.

It is no secret in today's society that there are lawsuits without merit. For every pulled muscle or a workout regimen that just did not work out quite as well as anticipated, there is an army of lawyers waiting to seek redress. Some cases will have merit and should be pursued, but sports club insurance will scare away most of the baseless claims. Taken in all, the premiums are money well spent.

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