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Ways to Make More Money with PLR Products

Although there are many ways to make money with PLR products make the Internet marketing specialists who go the extra mile and edit the distance from the competition, the purchases really more money from the products they PLR, and then sell for a good profit.
Consider your standard private label rights purchaser.
The marketer knows what is going to PLR (Private Label Rights) and know what can and can not be done by buying a PLR product, on what the law permits or licenses are based.
Initially, they start out strong by conducting research in order to find a great PLR product to promote.
This particular product is the complete package, that is, comes to the actual product, a sales letter, graphics and some bonus items.

With the research out of the way this marketer makes their purchase, orders a domain name, buys hosting and immediately uploads the product on to their server and gets the Paypal button all setup so sales can start rolling in, or will they?Before you answer that question, consider this fact.
It a good bet that this individual before most other people who u200bgekauft this product have the same PLR , because the truth is that almost 80% of people Bought this PLR package that anything with it, other then to collect digital dust on your hard disk.

Knowing this fact, it is safe to assume that this online entrepreneur will indeed make some sales and perhaps recoup the amount of money they initially spent on the product but there is also a strong possibility that they won't make a single sale because they failed to take some additional steps that would almost guarantee profitability from their new PLR purchase.

Step 1: Graphics Overhaul - I personally would like for acquisition of rights to private label a complete package and modify them accordingly, as I see fit.
The first step is to always order a new set of graphics from a designer or create them yourself.
This simple step already apart of 90% of your competitors who have bought the package PLR set.
Additionally, taking the time to perform a complete graphics overhaul affords you the opportunity to change the name of your product completely.
For example, rather than the product called Potty Training Made Simple "; (the original name in the chart that came with the package PLR) you can the name change to something like Easy Potty Training Solutions quick and easy potty .

Step 2: Combine Similar PLR Products - Although combining 2 separate PLR products, that cover the same niche or topic can be profitable I have personally found that when you combine 3 or more products the profitability margin increases based on the perceived value by a visitor to your website.
For example, I could be a series of videos about social bookmarking DPP techniques and combine them with some DPP reports on social missions that originate from different sources.
Here's a better explanation:
PLR Product Number 1 - Set of 6 social bookmarking videos
PLR Product Number 2 - Report on social bookmarking
PLR Product Number 3 - Reports on Facebook, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Answers.
etc. Although each of the three products listed above, all purchase PLR separately and can be sold separately, can form in the combined a great product, it's nice compliments and it allows you to increase the selling price of $ 17 or $ 27 to say $ 37 or $ 47.
Also there is already a built in time and cost savings because you only have to purchase 1 domain name, host 1 website and spend time promoting (sending traffic) to 1 website.
So far I have two simple steps to significantly increase the ROI can be provided for your product PLR.
Here are two additional profit-enhancing steps I take with the PLR I purchase and then resell:
Profit Enhancing Step 1 - Adding affiliate links throughout the report.
This is a great way to increase your revenue opportunities after the first sale.
I call them opportunity earnings because the opportunities are present provided you take advantage of them.
There are links embedded in the report that another affiliate product to promote your cause or your product line.

Profit Enhancing Step 2 - Instead of adding in a one time offer or upsell on the download page provide a customer appreciation price - Although there is an abundance of statistics that clearly prove the sales volume increase based on utilizing a one time offer or upsell I prefer instead to provide what I have coined a "Customer Appreciation Price" or CAP for other products that I sell.

I keep it on my download page forever so that anytime a customer visits the download page they still have the opportunity to make a purchase.
Remember that saying about marketing people need to see something seven times before they act.
Another quick note, do not change usually, if I have the sales letters 2 or more products, in this case it is necessary to combine the change sales letters.

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