Monday, May 30, 2011

Come and Give New Direction to Your Career in Jalandhar

Jalandhar is the dramatic city in North India in the state of Punjab which is full of life and also offering the better employment opportunities in various industries. The city is majorly recognized for the sports industry. It is consist of the several industries that manufacture the high quality of sports goods and equipments like cricket balls, bats, foot-balls, hockey sticks, badminton rackets, and many other goods. The sports industry in Jalandhar is the major concern of monetary gains. Moreover it offers the numerous jobs in Jalandhar and number of people is getting employed.

The city of Punjab, Jalandhar has also engaged in many industries that produce rubber products like rubber tubes, V- shaped rubber belts of slippers and rolls of rubber for industrial usages. The city also allied with the large number of auto-parts industries. Well the Jalandhar has also earned fame in producing the leather products such as bags, shoes and other products of superior quality leather. Owing to all these industries Jalandhar has become the hub of employment and opens the several jobs prospects in Jalandhar.

Apart from these industries Jalandhar is also acknowledge for the surgical tool industry which yields wide range of surgical tools. The numerous of employment options opens in the city like Part time jobs in Jalandhar, computer operator jobs in Jalandhar, marketing jobs in Jalandhar and etc. Jalandhar is the core of major publishing and advertising companies that have their head offices here. The some other industries involved in the city are sanitary fittings, electrical items, publishing books, agricultural equipments, food products and more.

Half of the population of city either capable or incapable is working in the industrial units of the city. Owing to these industries numerous of opportunities are available for jobs in Jalandhar like computer operator jobs in jalandhar, marketing jobs in Jalandhar. Anyone can get the job easily as per their credentials and capability. Even more the real estate sector is also booming in the city and brought a lot of revenue for the city. Jalandhar is seeing the drastic growth in the field of technology investment.

The some well-known firms have established their headquarters and operational centers in Jalandhar like Dell and Microsoft. These big companies will offer many jobs in Jalandhar. In short Jalandhar is basically an industrial town and with the huge number of industries. There are ample of job openings available for the people.

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