Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coffee Shop Owner: Tips For Advertising Your Shop

Today's young generations usually visit coffee cafe especially because of their favorite coffee they offer. Though, a small population of their customer we see is kids. Kids are often there because of a family function attended by their parents or wandering in shopping malls. Will not it be an advance thought if your coffee cafe owner encourages kids, just like their guardian, to repeat your cafe just as they do other fast-food joints? Coffee shops contain pastries and cakes, pettish, wrappers, biscuit and many more an enjoyable food for kids. One method of encourage them is to have eye-catching and beautiful labels and stickers that they would find great to use it or perhaps stick on their lunch box. It is also one way of advertising your coffee shop.

Given below are ways on how to use labels and stickers as a come on for youngster.

Design ideas for delightful Labels and Stickers for Coffee Shops:

Cakes and Pastries. You can display the mouth-watering arts of your shop cakes and pastries as labels or stickers to give out to your adult customers. They will enjoy seeing it on their books or perhaps when they play crickets with their friends. Labels and stickers with your address anywhere within your picture of cakes and pastries or at the back is a sure way of letting them know that they found it from your shop.

Disney Cartoon Characters. A must have for kids. Cartoon characters grab the attention you would want to get from kids. Delightful labels and stickers with faces or figures of famous cartoon characters is a big hit for children.

Anime Characters. You can pattern designs of your cakes out of popular anime roles or cartoon portray. Similarly, your kid clients will be happy if your label and stickers are patterned after these anime structures as well. Involve them with this idea and you will attract their attention and use them to force their guardian to visit your shop. That's how powerful children are.

Pins and Buttons. Rainbow type pins and buttons imprinted as labels and stickers would definitely persuade your kid consumer to assure their parents to try out your coffee cafe. Pins and buttons are nice draft for children' notebooks, books, bags or even in lunch box. Furthermore, your pins and buttons labels and stickers can also be used as tray inside for take home treat of children after eating.

Cars and Airplanes. Children consumer, particularly boys would definitely like your colorful labels and stickers when cars and airplanes are imprinted on it. You can also try it as place covering or tray inside your coffee shop and just like your pins and buttons label and stickers; they can offer as a take home treat for children.

These five design ideas will definitely help you to promote your coffee shops menu and make your customers to visit your shop regularly.

About the Author: Soniya Ahuja
Soniya Ahuja is a label printing consultant having helped over many companies to get best suitable labels. She writes on topics like labels, paper labels, Self Adhesive Labels etc. for the website http://aslabels.co.in

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