Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How You Can Make Money Writing Articles for Others


With the government turning the Internet over to us civilians, we have devised many uses for using the Internet. One of the most popular uses of the Internet is a place to sell all types of different types of merchandise. But unless the web page is a popular name like Amazon or eBay, the merchandise is lost to millions of other web pages.

So how can people find products on obscure web sites? Article writing.

What Is Article Writing

Article Writing is done to support a type of advertising called article marketing. This is where writing short articles about the benefits of the product do the advertising for a specific product. The articles are then published and distributed, in this case the articles are published on the Internet.

What this type of advertising does is to make the web site that the product is sold on more visible. People read the article, become interested in the product and then go to the site to further read about the product and possibly purchase it.

How Can I Make Money Article Writing For Others

In order for a product to bubble up to the top and get lots of traffic, many, many articles will need to be written and published on the Internet. Because of all the articles that need to be written, people are willing to pay for someone to write some of the articles for them.

Depending on the quality of the article, people will pay anywhere from several dollars to ten dollars or more per article.

Benefits Of Article Writing

There are many benefits to article writing. The biggest benefit I see is that you get paid for each article you write. As opposed to the person who pays you, they must wait for someone to buy their product before they are paid.

Another benefit is you may supplement your income by writing articles for others. If you are retired, this supplemental income may come in handy, especially since the price of food and energy is going up.

You can also work at home writing articles in your bathrobe and set your own work hours.

Plus there is no overhead expense either. You will need a computer and Internet connection, which you should already have as part of your household.


Now you can make money writing articles for others. It is a stay at home job that you control all aspects, from your work hours, to what you wear and even how many articles you are willing to write.

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