Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Job Recruiting Software

There are different levels of inefficiency in every company. It's impossible for everything to run at peak performance levels all the time, but there are some areas where you can make improvements to get things right more often than you get them wrong. Adding new job recruiting software to the arsenal of tools your human resource department has is one of those areas. Being able to keep better track of who is applying for which position and how many candidates you have for that job will help personnel managers make better choices when it comes time to hire someone.

Stress is a killer, for both individuals and companies. When you have inefficiency, you have stress, either on the level where the inefficiency is happening or several levels removed where the domino effect has employees and management constantly fighting an uphill battle. When human resources hires someone who can't handle the job they've been assigned to, it causes problems in areas where others depend on that job getting done. Nine times out of ten the wrong choice was made on the initial hire because the software used to track candidates was poor quality.

Shipping and receiving is a good example. There are a number of different positions in a warehouse and each is dependent upon the other to make a company efficient. Trucks arrive on a regular schedule and when they do there needs to be someone there to unload them. The load is placed on pallets and forklift operators bring it into the main warehouse where it needs to be sorted and either re-shipped or stocked on retail shelves out front. All-in-all, there are five different job positions available just to handle this one simple process. That can't be too difficult to hire for, right?

Want to see fireworks? Try putting a forklift operator into a role where he's stocking shelves or pasting price tags on canned goods. Not only does the position typically pay less, but he may not be qualified to do it. Driving a forklift doesn't require the same kind of raw physical power that picking up fifty pound boxes does. So how did he end up with this job? That's easy to explain. Someone in human resources, using a very limited job applicant tracking system, classified everyone as shipping and receiving. He got sent here because that keyword popped his resume in a search.

This may sound silly, but it happens, especially in this economy. The forklift driver, under normal circumstances, would turn the job down. Today he just might take it, struggle through it, and contribute to inefficiency in the warehouse. He'll eventually get stressed out and quit, and the rest of the staff will be affected by it, both during and after his tenure. Worse yet, the entire situation could have been avoided if the company had just invested in better job recruiting software. They didn't, and this isn't the only problem that has been caused by that. You should see the mess in the IT department.

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