Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What to Write On Your About Me Page!

What should you put into your about me section and why this is important? I am going to give you some valuable information for your ABOUT ME section for social networking sites or on your central hub, your blog.

The hardest page to create is writing your about me page because you are dealing with yourself. It is a subject that you know better than anyone else. Yet it can be difficult to divulge information about ourselves, you can get confused about what kind of information to talk about. Make this informative without being too wordy. It is an essential tool to confirm who you are.

When a potential client visits your website this will be the first thing that they will notice, make this your home page.. It will let your audience know more about YOU on a deeper level. This is a great way to let others connect with you in a personal and friendly way.

Here's where you will place personal photo's of yourself. Make sure you have a Big Smile this attracts. Pictures are very powerful and will make your page come alive. Be sure to put a variety of pictures about all areas your life, your family, your home, vacations, any pictures that you may have.

Introduce yourself, tell about something that you have created, whether it be your blog or the articles that you have written, just about anything. You want to set up yourself as a person of authority. Just write a short statement letting others know about yourself. You want to arouse their curiosity to make them want to continue reading.

Now tell them about your personal background. Where you live, your family, about the jobs that you have had, your hobbies, goals, your interests. Build a relationship with your readers. You will want to find someone who has the same interests as yourself to create a connection.

Give them some information about how your opportunity has helped solved your problem. How has your product helped you? Don't make anything up just give the facts, make it personal. You could add a testimony from someone else in this section as well, testimonies are powerful.

The call to action, tell them exactly what you want them to do. Go here and do what? This is very important do not forget to let them know what to do next.

How about a description about who you are looking for? This will pre-qualify the type of prospects you are looking to work with. It will help sort out the wrong kind of people for you.

At the bottom of your about me page give a clear means of contact, include your email address and your phone number just incase they have questions for you. Also make sure you have a link to your other websites that you may have, especially any capture pages.

Hopefully this will inspire you come up with some unique and inventive ways of representing yourself on the web.

About the Author: Chery Schmidt
Chery Schmidt is an Internet Marketing Coach & Home Business Mentor.
Specializing in helping others succeed online.

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