Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Use a Mini Digital Protractor?

Do you use a protractor routinely during your workday? The general description of a protractor is to determine the exact measurement of an angle and I would bet most of us start off with a plastic protractor. As your needs with a protractor change, the style of your protractor will change.

Let's discuss why you would switch and use a mini digital protractor. It may be as simple as you want a sleek professional look to your tools. You may need a protractor that is more practical in diverse situations. Something that is versatile and small that can measure all kinds of angles from counter surfaces to hanging pictures. A mini digital protractor allows you to operate hands free with the addition of a magnetic base. Some have a large LCD display that reads upright no matter how you position the protractor, which allows for easy reading and measuring from a 90 degree angle to a 360 degree measuring range. Quite a few of these dynamo's have degree and slope conversion with hold button, auto power off and low battery warning. Just the description alone should start you thinking of changing your tool kit over to a mini digital.

How do you use a mini digital protractor? To use a mini digital protractor when figuring angles and transferring angles you will want to put the digital gauge flat on a surface like a table or the bed of a machine. Next, turn your machine on by pressing the on button. You will want to reset the device to 0 degrees which sets the reference to zero. Attach the gauge to your work piece or saw blade to be measured. You should be reading 90 degrees at this point. If you don't see 90 degrees readjust your digital gauge. You will press zero to re-reference the gauge in the correct vertical position. Now you can adjust the angle of the blade to the desired position or reading. Note, each mini digital protractor may have slightly different directions but these are the basics. This is not complicated to use and may save you time.

In conclusion, upgrading your tools to include a mini digital protractor is the way to go. Owning this tool will save you time and money. Having absolute accurate angles to prevent mistakes is a must in today's competitive industry. You can purchase a mini digital protractor at most hardware stores. If your local store doesn't carry this then go online and search amazon.com, you will find it there.

About the Author: Katherine Bampfield
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