Monday, May 30, 2011

For Still Photography The Nokia C6 Beats The LG Optimus Chic

There are a wealth of handsets currently available that are trying to out perform one another thanks to ever increasing screen and processor sizes as well as a multitude of other features. These top end smartphones are indeed impressive but they inevitably cost more than some of there more modest competitors. There is however a middle ground when it comes to smartphones with devices that are well specified but hardly ground breaking. These products are hugely popluar thanks to their reduced costs and also because many consumers do not need many of the high end features offered on the more illustrious top of the range phones. The Nokia C6 and the LG Optimus Chic are two of these mid range phones but which one should be grabbing your attention?

Two areas where the C6 totally outshines the Optimus Chic are in the display and the camera department. Looking at the display the Nokia uses AMOLED technology to really get the most out of the relatively modest 640 x 360 resolution that is on offer. This technology is usually only found in very top end phones so its inclusion in this instance is both surprising and impressive. AMOLED stands for Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode and offers wider viewing angles than traditional TFT displays as well as improving the depth of colour that is on offer. In this instance a polarized panel is installed on top of the screen to absorb light and thus reduce reflections on the screen. The Optimus Chic measures up at the same 3.2 inches but resolution does drop down to 320 x 480. This resolution would fair well against many other mid range phones, but in the C6 the LG has come up against a fearsome competitor. In the camera department the Nokia also comes out on top thanks to a great 8 mega pixel facility which one again would be more at home on a top of the range phone. At 5 mega pixels the Optimus Chic is once again well equipped but you cannot help but feel that this handset may outshine other models such as the HTC Wildfire but it is no match for the C6.

For all of the great features that the Nokia C6 incorporates the one disappointing aspect is the brands continued use of the Symbian operating system. Admittedly recent updates have greatly improved the platform yet it still lacks the functionality and the wow factor that the LG Optimus Chic gives us thanks to Android. Another advantage of the Android platform is the sheer number of downloads that are currently available. Nokias own Ovi store is still in its infancy but one cannot help but wonder if it will ever reach the heights that have already been scaled by Android. You do not expect to find masses of on board storage capacity on phones such as these and both handsets supply you with enough to perform a few basic functions. It is pleasing however to see both models incorporating a micro SD card slot which gives the user opportunity to expand storage to meet their own requirements.

As far as middle of the road smartphones go the Nokia C6 seems to be streets ahead of the chasing pack. One cannot help but wonder just how good this phone would be if it swapped operating systems with the respectable LG Optimus Chic.

The Nokia C6 and the LG Optimus Chic are available now.

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