Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dual-core Motorola Xoom Tablet Forensic 3.0 4788 Yuan

MOTOROLA is the world's first MZ606 XOOM using system, the tablet computer equipped with Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, memory, support WiFi 32G. At present the flat arrival merchants honest young phone monopoly, tax 4788 yuan offer.

On the exterior, MOTOROLA XOOM MZ606 adopted 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution for 1280 x 800, than the mainstream tablet computer, 16:10 was slightly higher proportion of screen ensures the good transverse display space. Its back used grind arenaceous feel metal plate, have certain prevent slippery effect, also let the machine more solid feeling, with makings than market in some ABS engineering plastics machine exquisite. In addition, from the measured data, and MOTOROLA XOOM look thinner than apple iPad, therefore portability will do better some.

Configuration, MOTOROLA XOOM MZ606 pre-installed Android tablet 3.0 system MZ606 performance of MOTOROLA XOOM, which makes strong function of multitasking in use process more easy, fast, and the more clear, the overall image visual effect is more exquisite, NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip integrated dual-core CPU can provide rival handheld game 3D screen experience. This machine also has the dt-mini - the USB interface, greatly facilitate user external storage equipment and external wireless keyboard, mouse used to office.In addition, MOTOROLA XOOM native cooperation is very strong, such as the sole cooperation with Scott XOOM with optimal cool and potatoes/customised cooperation.

MOTOROLA XOOM android tablet computer carrying 10 inch screen, Android tablet system and 32GB SSD drive, plus material alloy chassis, designed for android tablet computer make Android 3.0 system and performance strong dual-core chips, Tegra 2 NVIDIA XOOM say on a high-end products line. Now upgraded Android tablet 3.1 system, its task manager can scroll, support USB input devices, also can support Google TV, will undoubtedly more ascending MOTOROLA XOOM tablet computer overall performance and experience the feeling.

Samsung's tablet P1000 among has the hardware Tab at the top of the configuration, using 7 inch screen, its performance in the aspects of hardware, the iPad are by no means a bad 1GHz processor, tie-in with 512MB of RAM, support storage capacity expansion and 3G mode. Currently this laptop wood 3568 yuan for the quotation, had the interest friend to might as well look.Samsung electronics, Velcro among P1000 tablet computer at the top of the Tab designed or lasted samsung consistent phone design style, the samsung Logo with front camera and optical beside the sensors, and on the fuselage top didn't see the receiver design. Android Tablet 3.0

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