Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Opprtunity Should the Cause for Corporate Evolution

How different is corporate evolution from biological evolution in nature? What would have been the kindling factor of biological evolution and of the corporate?

The principal aspect of biological evolution is the necessity and opportunity. Even if there is plenty of opportunity available, evolution may not occur in many organisms if there is no necessity. The definition of the word 'necessity' should be understood as a compulsion for the animal to evolve failing which, the very existence would be difficult. A kind constant threat to the life is what would have caused the biological evolution. The threat can be from predator, from competition or from many others reasons may be difficult to list accurately. During such process, even if an ideal opportunity is not available, the species develop new traits to suite to the existing/prevailing opportunity.

Further growth and development is never in the agenda of biological evolution of many species. Survival and procreation are the only two advantages most species aspire to have from biological evolution.

Let us see how different is the evolution of corporate? The corporate also need to adapt or evolve with time if it wants to survive and sustain. The direction of the evolution of the corporate must sail with the ecosystem otherwise the corporate would perish. This is the base line of evolution of corporate and it does not differ much from biology.

Biological evolution would normally stop when the survival needs are fulfilled in a species. Further development of the species is more towards how successfully it can survive the threat than in any other dimension.

In the case of corporate, the definition of evolution goes beyond the survival needs. It is not the threat that cause the evolution of corporate but seeing and utilizing the opportunity appropriately and timely alone ensures success. Compelling survival needs never help in the evolution of the corporate. This is true for both corporate as well as its employees.

Entrepreneurs must realize the fact that creating a threat free environment is must for its growth. It should educate its people on how to sense and utilize the opportunity.

Be with the environment means successful adaptation in biology, the classic example being camouflage and contrary to that, be distinct and different from the environment only defines the successful adaptation (evolution) of the corporate.

Many corporate presume that giving threat to its employees will ensure performance and growth. It is a myth that if such situation is created, people will be working more on how to deal the threat from the domain on fear and insecurity than being curious and creative.

About the Author: Dr S Ranganathan
Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai