Monday, May 30, 2011

Pros and Cons of Plasma Televisions

People these days have done away with the bulky television sets that consumed a lot of space and have brought home the new trendy plasma television. These televisions are slim and if you want you can have a huge plasma television to enjoy the feel of a theater. It provide excellent picture quality. But like all other objects, they also have many pros and cons.

Some of the advantages of plasma televisions are listed here. One of biggest advantage of possessing a plasma television is that you can enjoy the benefits of high resolution. Plasma televisions use advanced technologies which provides very smooth images. They have a wide range of available sizes. You can have a huge screen if you wish to experience a movie hall like feeling at your home itself. The resolutions of conventional television signals can also be doubled with the help of the built in doublers. Not only this, these televisions offer you wide viewing angle. No matter from which angle you watch the TV, you will get the same view. Unlike other normal television screens, a plasma television can also be used as a computer monitor. This is possible because VGA and SVGA signals can be received by it. These televisions have magnetic field immunity and provide uniform screen brightness. They are extremely light weighted and so can be easily moved and also placed at any convenient place in the house. If there is no space, then it can be hanged on the wall too. It is not so expensive because for every inch that you pay, it is worth the cost.

As already said, apart from the many advantages of plasma television, there are many disadvantages also. Though according to the quality the price is suitable, but still if we consider the other factors, it is quite expensive as well. If we compare the price with the normal televisions, it price is three times the price of a normal regular TV. Next is the life span of these televisions. Initially they had a life span of 20000-30000 hours. With the advancement in technology, this has increased to a half life of 60000 hours. After the end of this you have to change your television. At times you may also find that a static image appears on the screen if you have watched something continuously for many hours. For example: the logo of a channel. A lot of heat is generated by plasma televisions and so fans are installed to cool it down but the sound of the fans can create annoyance at times. One of the biggest disadvantages is that it consumes a lot of electricity. The huge size of the screen also acts as a disadvantage as it becomes difficult to handle it or mount it at some place.

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