Monday, May 30, 2011

Food Tips - What You Need To Know About Energy Drinks and Food Bars

When it comes to energy drinks and food bars, you have to look beyond the packaging and catchy names these products have. While an energy drink can be helpful if you're drowsy and have to stay awake for work or studying, and food bars can be convenient if you don't have time for a meal, you should know what you're consuming. Keep reading for some important information on factors your need to consider regarding these energy drinks and food bars.

Be aware of where the energy in these drinks really comes from, the caffeine content. What this really is the same stuff you find in your morning coffee. Most of these energy drinks however contain much more caffeine than your average cup of coffee. If you are using energy drinks to quench your thirst you are likely to drink more of them in a shorter amount of time. You can suffer from anxiety, insomnia headaches, heart trouble and a whole gamut of other problems from this caffeine over dose. At the very least you should switch to a caffeine free drink during exercise, preferably water, and get your regular caffeine doses the old fashioned way.

Energy or food bars can be nourishing, or they can be only a tad bit more than sugar-filled candy presented with healthy looking packaging. Nevertheless, in actuality, you can simply eat foods that are similar to a healthy energy bar without spending money on these packaged products. The best food bars have nutritionally dense foods like nuts, seeds and fruits, so if you get into the habit of eating these foods as snacks, you can save money and get the same benefits. Healthy trail mixes are a really good snack, as long as they're not packed with chocolate candy or other junk foods that are now typically slipped into trail mixes. The greatest food bars can be nutritious, although you can also come across the equivalent without purchasing them.

It's well known that both energy drinks and food bars can be high in sugar, but you also have to watch out for disguised sugars in these foods and beverages. One of the most common sweeteners used today is high fructose corn syrup, which has been linked with many health problems from liver diseases to diabetes. This is highly discouraged if you are trying to lose weight. Agave nectar is a recently discovered popular sweetener this is actually a processed form of high fructose corn syrup. Energy bars and food bars high in any sort of sugars or sweeteners really aren't healthy at all.

In conclusion, food bars and energy drinks need to be regarded on an individual basis since some are healthy and some are not. No two people will have the same reaction to caffeine and other stimulants, so pay close attention to how these products make you feel.. It's imperative to your health that you read the labels and know what the ingredients really are. You have to pay attention to your body, do your own research and avoid relying on hype to guide you.

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